Discover the Truth

Unmasking the Lies of the World with God’s Word



Ideal for nightly family discussions to connect the real world with unchanging truth



Verse by verse comparison of God’s truth with contemporary culture



Teaching readers to discern our modern times using the Blade Bible study experience

Our Story

Blade Bible is a non-profit organization based in northwest Florida.

We aim to teach and equip families to discern truth in today’s culture.

Our Initiatives

Making a Difference in People’s Lives


Providing resources for understanding the Word of God in a modern context


Building connections and support networks for families in today’s society


Equipping individuals with the tools they need to stand strong in their faith

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Transformation Stories

Inspiring Change in Lives

Sarah’s Journey

Sarah was lost in the chaos of modern culture until she discovered Blade Bible. Through nightly family discussions, she connected her real-world experiences to the unchanging truth of Scripture. Now, Sarah is empowered to live a purposeful life aligned with God’s Word.

John’s Transformation

John was struggling with his faith in a world that constantly challenged his beliefs. Blade Bible provided the resources and community he needed to navigate these challenges with confidence. John’s transformation has empowered him to be a positive influence in his family and community.

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